Supreme Care


Diamond Supreme Foam: Pakistan’s No. 1 Quality Foam and the Nation’s most loved mattress brand


  • Warranty 12 Years
  • High Recovery Foam
  • Balanced
  • 10 Comfort Zone  
  • Health Supporter
  • Advanced Circulatory System
  • Soft
  • Diamond Health Shield

Natural sleeping position is significantly crucial and comes with incredible health benefits. There’s a fluid in our brain that works with special brain cells to flush out any debris (buildup from the day) when we fall asleep. Inclined sleeping position helps with this glymphatic draining as the head is raised a few inches above the feet, restoring body’s natural orientation. As the skull pressure decreases, excess brain fluids aren’t felt and so, migraine symptoms are reduced. This in turn helps improve vascular system as the strains placed on the heart decrease. Furthermore, this helps open the airway to not only alleviate snoring but restore oxygen to the brain. This slight incline improves the force of gravity and prevents acid reflux and heartburn. Inclined sleeping position strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments that in turn also prevents degeneration of connective tissue and spine.

  • Mattress Height: 26CM

Single-78×42, Double-72×60, King-78×72, Queen-78×66


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