Ortica Gel


Diamond Supreme Foam: Pakistan’s No. 1 Quality Foam and the Nation’s most loved mattress brand


  • Gel Infused Foam
  • Firm
  • Energy Foam
  • Contourpedic Health Engineering
  • Warranty 12 Years
  • 10 Comfort Zone
  • Health Supporter
  • Diamond Health Shield

Everyone knows that foam is a sensitive conductor of human heat that easily traps it in for longer hours.
Supreme Ortica Gel Cool contains profile sheets infused with gel beads that act like a buffer between body and the foam to provide ultimate comfort and pressure relieving support for a refreshing sleep. This comes with an innovative cool-to-touch feel for the best possible slumber as it helps draw heat away from the body. The cooling gel beads help dissipate body heat faster with maximum airflow and breathability. This is supremely cool to induce comfort and sleep while perfectly aligning your spine throughout the night so you work and handle stress well the next day.


Single-72×36", Single-72×39", Single-72×42", Single-78×36", Single-78×39", Single-78×42", Double-72×48", Double-72×54", Double-78×48", Double-78×54", Queen-72×60", Queen-72×66", Queen-78×60", Queen-78×66", King-72×72", King-78×72"


5, 6, 8


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